Teams Are Greater Than Companies.

We don’t just consider raising awareness as a job. For us, speaking to the public about the organizations we represent is inspiring and satisfying on a personal level. It allows us to invoke change and encourage action, giving us a true feeling of accomplishing something for the greater good. 

Our employees are given the opportunity to make a real difference in the world by raising awareness for our clients and their programs and coordinating long-term donor support for them.

We offer a fun and exciting environment and flexible schedules. Our customer service representatives are able to travel if desired and have the opportunity for advancement within the company. Employees are paid a competitive hourly wage and after a term, are eligible for benefits.

If you see yourself making a difference and growing in a solid company, apply below. 


After successfully joining Titan you will attend in office training sessions with us and we will assign you a Team Leader. This is to learn about the client you will be representing and enable you to conduct presentations and also acquire new donors on their behalf.

You will report daily to our office where we will give you the necessary tools and skills to conduct direct marketing campaigns at various locations such as: neighborhoods, business centers, mall kiosks, tradeshows, and special events. 

We’ll also cultivate the leader within you so you may learn to teach, train, and manage new team members.


Once promoted to Team Leader you will be invited to coaching sessions to further develop your leadership, teaching, and management skills by listening to industry experts and like-minded individuals. You will also begin training and developing new team members.


Managers at each of our locations have started in our entry level position and all of our employees are given equal opportunity to advance to this position.  All you need is the desire to succeed and the willingness to learn and apply yourself.   The management stage will teach you how to run and lead a business and is designed to develop your skills in day-to-day office operations and team management.